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School Governors - Roles and Responsibilities.


Governors make a firm commtement to the school and hold the Headteacher to account. Their

roles and responsibilities are varied

Earlsfield's governing body has three main responsibilities:

  • To provide a strategic view ­ we help decide the school¹s strategy for
    improvement. It¹s not our job to get involved in the day-to-day management of the school. We focus on key issues that will raise standards and pupils¹ achievement.
  • To act as a critical friend ­ we use our knowledge and experience to
    support and challenge (in a constructive way) the headteacher and staff
  • To hold the school to account ­ the governing body answers to parents
    and the local community. We discuss, question and refine proposals to make sure everything the school does is of the highest quality and is in the best interests of the school and community it serves.

Governors specific duties include setting the school budget, interviewing and appointing staff, and acting as as a link between the local community and the school.

As well as operating as a whole group we are divided into three committees, which focus on specific operational areas of the school. Each committee has a work plan.

Once a term, governors must make one visit to monitor and evaluate the school's work in a particular area. The area usually relates to the school¹s priorities, as set out in the School Improvement Plan.

We think that it’s important to keep an eye on our performance as a governing body so each year we evaluate our work. We examine our performance and look at our priorities, roles and responsibilities. A survey of staff tells us how they think the governing body could improve.


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