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Meet The Staff
Post Name Class Responsibility
Headteacher Mr Stephen Trow SLT Child Protection
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Kate Cubley SLT

Curriculum, Community, Teaching and Learning, Enrichment / Support Staff CPD

Assistant Headteacher Miss Claire Welsh SLT Curriculum and Assessment and Maths Cordinator
Inclusion Manager Mrs Eve Morgan Lace SLT Inclusion Manager/ SEN
  Miss Amanda Riley   Inclusion and EAL
Early Years Miss Hannah Savage RS (0.8) Early Years Leader / Senior Reception Teacher
  Miss Laura Pipe RP  
  Mrs Simi Treanor R (0.4) Reception Teacher / RE Coordinator
  Mrs Dawn Nutley Nu (0.6) PHSE (Early Years)
  Miss Niki Sanders Nu Early Years leader / Senior Nursery Teacher / LEA Leading Teacher
  Mrs Danielle Donnelly (Maternity Leave) Nu EAD in Eys Expressive Arts and Design Coordinator
  Mrs Dinusha Parry Nu  
Key Stage 1 Miss Jennie Mason   KS1 Phase leader / ReadWriteInc Coordinator
  Miss Jennifer Anderson 1A  
  Mr Dai Reed 1R  
  Miss Laura Bruce 2B  
  Miss Eimear McMahon 2M  
Lower Key Stage 2 Mrs Jackie Hare   Literacy Coordinator / Specialist Literacy Support / Year 3/4 Phase Leader
  Miss Marina Jones 3J  
  Miss Rosie Gowers 3G  
  Miss Amy Moll 4M  
  Mrs Christina Jenkins 4J Science Coordinator
  Miss Amy Williams 4W  
Upper Key Stage 2 Mr Nathan Barrett 5B  

Miss Chloe Payne

5P PE Coordinator
  Mrs Avni Vance Y5 Maternity
  Miss Emma Trevis 6T ICT Coordinator (Partnership)
  Miss Alysha Kassam 6K (Year 5/6 Phase Leader)
Music Teacher Mr Robin Hopcraft 0.6 Music (Tues,Weds)
  Mrs Rebekah Fairhead   Music (Thurs)
PE Teacher Mr Karel Hutter 0.4 PE (Mon, Tues)
Art Teacher Miss Emily Gopaul 0.8 Art (Mon to Thurs)
French Teacher Ms Carolynn Clarke 0.2 French (Fri)
Gym Teacher Miss Billie Kelagher   Gymnastics / Club and Team
Specialist Music Teachers

Ms Sabrina Pullen

Mr Jim Alexander


Recorder and Brass


Peripatetic Music Teachers Mrs Joanna Rogers (Violin), Ms Elspeth Wilkes (Piano), Mr Andy Rogers (Piano)
Support Staff
Learning Mentor Debbie Stockwell Parental Support, Emotional Well Being and Attendance, Child protection
Admin Staff Mr Ian Porteous School Business Manager
  Ms Lucia Victor Admin
  Miss Hayley Cole Admin
  Mrs Linda Croudace Admin
  Miss Sandra Figuiera Bana Admin
Premises Officer Mr Nick Collins  
Groundsperson Mr Brian Payne  
Nursery Nurses Sue Fraser Leander Edwards
Early Years Teaching Assistants Teaching Assistants Nursery Teaching Assistants
  Angela Cole (Lead TA) (RS) Johanna Contino
  Mia Langley (RP)

Nursery Lunchtimes

Mandy Black

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants  
  Shannel Leach (Y1)  
  Cathy Da Silva (Y1)  
  Kemi Ogunbunmi (Y2)  
  Jane Tremayne (Y2)  
Lower Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants 1:1 support
  Katrina Robinson (Y3) Linda Wild (3/4)
  Natasha Wood (Y3)  
  Yasmina Said (Y4)  
  Christina Stultz (Y4)  
Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants 1:1 support
  Leanda Kurzeja (Y5) Ana Mackenzie Kerr (6K)
  Yvonne Duncan (Y5) Jules Reeves (6K)
  Nicky Hartnett (Y6) Teresa Pratley(Y5/6)
  Chanpreet Dillon (Y6)  
Specialist Teaching Assistants

Therese Chamberlain (Speech and Language Support)

Jackie Pratley (Lead TA Key Stage 1/ ReadWriteInc / Senior Midday Meals Supervisor.)

Lunchtime Supervisor In addition to existing staff Mandy Black


Last Updated March 2018



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