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Bright Thinkers, Bright Futures

"The headteacher provides inspirational leadership. Leaders and staff share his high aspirations. They expect the very best from each other and from pupils. As a result, pupils flourish, both academically and in their personal development." (Ofsted 2017)

"The headteacher has created an inspiring community where all pupils have the opportunity to ‘shine’. excellent teaching, together with high-quality pastoral care, help pupils to blossom into well-rounded, articulate individuals who value and enjoy their education." (Ofsted 2017)

The Vision
At Earlsfield our vision is to create an outstanding school where all members of the school community and other partners are committed to developing the children as ‘Bright Thinkers’ with ‘Bright Futures.’
Bright Thinkers at Earlsfield
• Are proud of their school and respectful of one another
• Support and encourage everyone to meet their full potential.
• Embrace diversity and have an appreciation of the wider world
• Promote the rights and responsibilities of the individual
• Are socially responsible and believe in our core school values.

The values  

I Care by being considerate, helpful and thoughtful

I Inspire others by being a positive role model to my peers

I Challenge myself by aiming high, overcoming obstacles and never giving up.
I Achieve by having self-belief and determination to be successful
I Respect my community by treating everyone equally
I Enjoy learning becasue I make the most of all the exciting opportunities

The outcomes
Earlsfield will be a school where all stakeholders
1. Are proud of their school and are respectful and supportive of each other, celebrating diversity, being socially responsible and believing in and promoting our values RESPECT and CARE
2. Place the needs of the child at the centre of learning, nurturing their creativity, developing independence and resilience and ensuring they are able to access a relevant and appropriate curriculum that meets the needs of all children INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, ACHIEVE
3. Celebrate effort as well as achievement and are committed to individual and collective success, placing no ceiling on aspiration and enabling all children to succeed. INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, ACHIEVE
4. Develop a love of learning through effective teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects the school’s values ENJOY
5. Have high standards of communication through the development of articulate pupils and strong home-school partnerships
6. Share good practice both within school and in the wider learning community

Our Challenge Statement

At Earlsfield, we believe that all children should be challenged to become masters of their learning. We support children in becoming global citizens by preparing them to embrace challenges together in an environment that promotes resilience, creativity and critical thinking. This enables children to take risks to succeed. Challenge is the foundation of our success.


Value value 2 v3 v5 v4 v6



Our values have been made into a rap .


Earlsfield School’s Core Values…

At Earlsfield School we really CARE,
Look after each other and learn to share.
RESPECT is important, we are not all the same,
Understand different cultures and try not to blame.
Both teachers and children ENJOY Earlsfield School,
To treat others kindly is our golden rule.
We CHALLENGE ourselves to do our
best every day
The lessons INSPIRE us, we work hard and play.
We believe in ourselves, ACHIEVE and aim high,
‘Bright Thinkers, Bright Futures’- reach for the sky!

We have been a Unicef Rights Respecting School since December 2010,the principles of the, “Rights Respecting Agenda,” underpin everything we do at Earlsfield to promote responsibility and citizenship.

RRS Article 2
You have the right to be treated fairly no matter who you are, where you are from, what language you speak, what you believe or where you live.

RRS Article 28
You have the right to an education.

RRS Article 29
You have the right to an education that develops your personality and abilities, and encourages you to respect other people, cultures and the environment.


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