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What People Think About Us

We have lots of visitors at Earlsfield so it’s always interesting to find out what they have to say about us. We’ve also included some nice things from the children aswell!

The quality of the curriculum boosts the self esteem of the children and makes it accessible for all.
‘ I’m proud of being on the School Council and going to the Pupil Voice Conference with secondary Schools.’ (Andrew) ‘I’m proud of singing solo at iGospel, being a peer listener, being President of Snack Squad and getting my picture put up at the Royal Academy of Art.’ (Maisie)

On the end of year parent questionnaires it was commented upon by more than one parent that Earlsfield School is good at ‘supporting children to learn to the best of their abilities.’

After a visit from a Wandsworth consultant and a Senior National Strategy Advisor in June 2008 it was commented that they were impressed by the very apparent school ethos and SMT engagement with issues discussed. “What a fantastic environment -so stimulating, warm, friendly and a lovely place to be, both inside and out, for children and teachers.” This was also noted by the National Strategies when the school was chosen for the filming of a management meeting on Special Needs Attainment for the standards website in January 2009 (Progression in SEN document)

The Health and safety inspections by the LEA in 2007 and 2009 judged the school to be outstanding. ‘Health & safety is taken seriously and is at the forefront of all school activities, and the staff should be commended. ‘

Parents feedback annually and it is overwhelmingly positive!


Some recent feedback

“Great to see my children in their classroom environment…Well done Earlsfield Primary School for allowing us to share so much in our children’s education”.

“Every time I come here I go home with the feeling that this is an excellent school”.

“The children are so enthusiastic and interested in their learning – brilliant and inspiring teaching”.

“So much enthusiastic learning - brilliant to see. Love the way the fab teachers try to bring as much theatre as possible to support and surround all the learning”.

xxxx took part in the Wandsworth gym competition today. I wanted to write to say what an amazing job Billie and Miss Sykes have done with the team. Considering a lot of them only started gym just over a year ago it’s been an outstanding transformation.

I want to take this opportunity to say how happy we have all been at Earlsfield Primary School. We have appreciated the level of commitment from all staff and the great range of skills all the teachers have demonstrated while teaching our children. The children have had a great start to their education and I can only hope their learning journey will continue in such an informative, reflective and independent fashion. We have also found the office staff to be extremely helpful and approachable throughout the time, and we have been very supported as working parents while in the school.

It makes us both so pleased and happy to see how much she has improved and grown in her learning from all the support she has received from the school but also and so important to us is how happy and confident she is in herself and her learning and enjoying school . Again there is no doubt this is absolutely a credit to all the support and intervention she has been receiving.

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you all so much for the efforts you put to the reception workshops during science week. I try to enable my children’s learning daily and like to think of myself as a fairly ‘involved/ interested’ parent but there were plenty of new ideas and tips to promote science learning to our children that I found really helpful. I’m sure it takes a lot of extra time for teachers to create the workshops and although I have already filled in the feedback form and said to Miss Savage how fantastic I found it I still feel it deserves a special email!!

The combination of class observation (your teachers have amazing energy!) and the talk afterwards was so interesting.

I wish you and the school all the best for a fantastic future. You really run an impressive operation (excuse the term) and will no doubt continue to give all children the best quality of education possible.


Last updated 22nd July 2015


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