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"The curriculum provides pupils with high-quality experiences which broaden their skills and understanding. The wide range of extra-curricular activities underpin this work. Pupils spoke enthusiastically about the clubs they take part in. Examples of these include a debating club, a brass band and a photography club. Leaders analyse pupils’ participation to ensure that all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged, have access to the opportunities on offer. Pupils agree that places are allocated fairly so no one misses out." (Ofsted 2017)


Information for Summer term clubs was circulated at the end of the Spring term. You can find out more about the clubs we offer by reading our guides for Early Years/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Art club football ICT club karate


We run a variety of clubs at Earlsfield and try to cater for as many children as possible in a variety of ways. Some clubs are free, some require a fee and in some we target children who have a special ability. Our clubs are popular and we offer over 600 places in total from Reception to Year 6.

Clubs run on a termly basis. If they are fee paying, all payments must be made up-front via parent pay or cheque; if an item in the cost column is highlighted then a cheque made payable to the club provider  should be handed to the office or alternatively visit the provider website.

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Clubs Start Clubs end
Important notes
Wb 24th April Wb 10th July - Demos this week.
  • On Monday 1st May and Monday 5th June, there will be no clubs owing to Bank Holiday and INSET.



Club Adult in charge Year Groups Location Time Cost per term Notes
Debating Mrs Morgan Lace 4,5,6 SENCO room Lunchtime Free  
Chess Debbie KS2 Meeting Room 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Football INSPIRE 3,4 Playground 3:30-4:30pm £45 / £22.50 fsm  
Stage Club Beth KS2 Bottom Hall 3:30-4:30pm Free  

Multi Sports

with Fiifi R,1,2 Playground 3:30-4:30pm £45 / £22.50 fsm  
Construction Club Miss Sanders R Nursery 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Arts and Crafts Miss Bern 1,2 2B 3:30-4:30pm

£9 / £4.50fsm

Games Club Miss Riley Y3/4 4R 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Film Club Mrs Hare Y5/6 Library 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Running Club   KS2 Playground 8am Free By invite only
Drumming Mr Hopcraft 5,6 Music Room Lunchtime Free  
Musical Theatre Steph KS2 Bottom Hall 3:30-4:30pm £55 /£27.50fsm  
Ukulele Mr Rodrigues 3,4 Meeting Room 3:30-4:30pm £44 / £22fsm  
Football Mr Hutter and Mr Collins 5,6 Playground 3:30-4:30pm £11 / £5.50fsm Cancelled if raining - text will be sent
Drama Perform


Middle Hall 3:30-4:30pm £55 / £27.50fsm  
Story tellers Mr Reed R, 1 RD 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Basketball Andy KS2 Playground 8:00-8:45am £33 / £16.50fsm  
Fencing Alan KS2 Middle hall 8am £46.20  / £33.10fsm  


Sensei Sam 3,4,5,6 Middle Hall 3:30-4:30pm £66 / £33fsm  
Karate Sensei Sam 2 Middle Hall Lunchtime £55 / £27.50fsm  
Mathletics Clio 1,2, KS2   Lunchtime Free  
French Vanessa KS2 Library 3:30-4:30pm Free  

Gym Club

Billie KS2 Middle Hall 8am Free  

Gym Club

Billie 2 Middle Hall Lunchtime Free  
iPad Miss Anderson KS1 1A 3:30-4:30pm Free  
P4C Miss Jones KS2 2J 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Pop Choir Mrs Fairhead KS2 Music Room 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Playball Coach Claire Rec Playground 3:30-4:30pm £82.50 / £41.25fsm  
STEM Stemkids KS1  KS2   3:30-4:30pm £65 / £32.50fsm  
Gym Team Billie KS2 Bottom Hall 3:30-4:30pm Free By invite only
Netball Elite Miss Baxter KS2 Playground 3:30-4:30pm Free By invite only
Ocarina Miss Theocharous 2 4T Lunchtime Free  
Football INSPIRE 1,2 Playground


£55 / £27.50fsm  
French Mdme Clarke 2 Launchpad 3:30-4:30pm Free  
French Vanessa 1 RWInc Room 3:30-4:30pm Free  
Dancebeez Steph R,1,2 Bottom Hall 3:30-4:30pm £55 / £27.50fsm  
Photography Club Alex ( CLC) KS2 KS2 group room 3:30-4:30pm £38.50 / £19.25 fsm  

Ukulele Club


Jake Rodrigues 4,5,6 Meeting room 3:30-4:30pm £44 / £22fsm  


chess club playball homeworkclub choir club


RRS Article 29

You have the right to an education that develops your personality and abilities, and encourages you to respect other people, cultures and the environment.

RRS Article 31

All children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of activities.

Last updated 19th June 2017


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