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Medical Matters

When a child is unwell, the best place for the child is to be at home with a grown up. Please do not send an unwell child to school, the child will be unhappy and unable to cope with school work. If your child has been physically sick then they should be kept off school for 48 hours. If the doctor has said medicine should be taken once or twice a day, please administer it at home. Occasionally a doctor's prescription may make it necessary for medicine to be taken at midday.

Only prescribed medicines can be given in school.

On the very rare occasions it is necessary to leave medicines in school, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. A form must be completed in the office before medicine can be administered

  2. Make sure the child's full name and class are on the container

  3. Make sure the doctor's instructions for giving the medicine are on the container — otherwise no medicine will be given. These must be in English

  4. Any necessary medicine should be handed into the school office, after the class teacher has been notified. Please remind your child that he / she has to go to the office at the relevant time to take the medicine, and also ask the class teacher to remind him / her

  5. It is not the school policy for adults to administer asthma inhalation except in exceptional circumstances. It is far safer for your child to have their own pump for use in an emergency, or as required. The pumps can be kept in the medical room until required.

If you are worried about any aspect of your child's behaviour, health or development, the school nurse is available to discuss it with you. Please arrange this with the school's administrative officer.


Flu advice from  NHS trust



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