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School Times
8.50 am

Children are expected to be in the playground

Teachers will start taking children into the building at 8:55am. If your child's class has left the playground and it is still before 9am then please send them straight in.**

If it is raining in the morning the children should come straight into the building and go to their classes.

9.00 am


9.50 10.10 am Reception playtime
10.50 - 11.05 am Playtime (KS1)
11.10 - 11.25 am

Playtime (KS2)

12.25 – 1.25pm

Lunchtime (KS2)

12.00 – 1.00pm

Lunchtime (Early Years & KS1)

2.10 – 2.20pm

Reception Play

** - On a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday children should make their way directly to class when gates open.


Key Stage 2 children are collected to the front of the building.

Key Stage 1 and Reception should be collected from the back playground.


Nursery Times

Nursery have a slightly different school day. Please note the times for nursery below.


Fulltime 8:50am to 3:05pm The Nursery gates open five minutes before the start of each session.
Mon - Wed PT

8:50am to 3:05pm (Mon-Tues)

8:50am to 11:30am (Wed)

Wed - Fri PT

12:25 pm to 3:05pm (Wed)

8:50am to 3:05pm (Thurs - Fri)


The gates for the main school are locked between 9:10am and 3:10am. This ensures that the children remain in a safe environment.

During the day there will be no access to the school site other than for those parents who have to collect their children for appointments or because they are sick, returning children from appointments or if you have an appointment in school.The school office is open between 8.45am and 9.20am and will reopen at 3.10pm until 3.40pm.

Please feel assured that the gates are not opened early under any circumstances - the well being of the children is our key concern. We fully understand that people don’t enjoy getting wet on the street but we also understand that everyone recognises the need to keep the children safe.

At the end of the day any children who are not collected will be sitting in the bottom hall.

Please try to collect your child on time, as it causes distress to your child and inconvenience to the school if you are late collecting them. In the event that there are repeated and unexplained late collections an after school care charge will be put in place.

Last updated 8th October 2018


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