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We run a number of workshops for parents. Follow this page as we add presentations and handouts from our meetings.


Workshops for 2014 -15
Maths KS2 (addition and subtraction) 12/11/14
Maths KS1 (addition and subtraction) 12/11/14
Maths KS1 (multiplication and division) 02/02/15
Maths KS2 (multiplication and division) 02/02/15
SRE Workshop  
New to Reception  
Spoken Language 22/10/15
Workshops for 2015 -16
ReadWriteInc 22/09/15
Assessment changes 01/10/15
Reception Maths Around The House 03/02/16
Philosophy For Children 01/03/16
Workshops for 2016 -17
Active Learning In Maths 07/10/16
SATs meeting 15/03/17
Drop in Join in March 2017
Great Expectations 05/07/17
Workshops for 2017 - 18
Drop in Join in - One World Week 20/10/17
SATs meeting - Year 6 09/01/18
SATs meeting - Year 2 11/01/18
Phonics Screening Check 16/01/18
Nursery Writing Workshop 15th,16th, 25th and 26th Jan 
Reception Writing Workshop 31/01/18
SRE meeting for parents 15/05/18
Introduction to Y5/6 19/06/18
Workshops for 2018 - 19
Reception Phonics Workshop 25/10/18
Year 1 Phonics Workshop 02/10/18
Year 1 Phonics Screening check 15/01/19
SATs meeting - Year 6 29/01/19
Maths Mastery Workshop 30/01/19
Reception Writing Workshop 30/01/19
SATs meeting - Year 2 28/02/19
SRE meeting for parents 14/05/19


Last updated May 2019


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