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"The school's curriculum provides a wide range of learning opportunities which encourage the development of key skills across different subjects. The teaching of letters and sounds is particularly effective. Topics are culturally diverse, and plans include opportunities for parental engagement. The curriculum in enriched by a diverse programme of after-school clubs. All of these makes a strong contribution to, and successfully promotes pupils' outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It is underpinned by a commitment to equality of opportunity, and much of the curriculum engages the pupils in understanding fairness and equality." (Ofsted 2012)

At Earlsfield both our Mission Statement and our Core Values underpin our curriculum. Our main objectives are to:

• Plan interesting and challenging lessons that inspire children to achieve
• Make learning meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable
• Foster lively, enquiring minds by encouraging children to ask and answer higher order questions
• Engage the children through independent learning opportunities and instil a desire to take risks and challenge themselves
• Encourage children to respond to adult and peer feedback in a self-reflective manner in order to advance their learning
• Inspire all learners to develop their own thoughts and opinions and show respect and care for others

The school’s curriculum is laid out across four curriculum maps; English, Maths, Science and the Foundation subjects. Each year group has it's own map that can be viewed through the individual Year Groups or as a continuous document through the whole school curriculum map. Each map comprises of subjects that have their own page on the website, click on the links below for more information for details of how the subjects are taught at Earlsfield. We follow the statutory guidance for all aspects of the curriculum and teach phonics through the Read Write Inc scheme.

At Earlsfield, we pride ourselves on how our curriculum promotes the social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) development of pupils. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, be reflective, and through a growth mind-set, overcome obstacles and see effort as the path to success. As a Level 2 Rights Respecting School and an expert school in the Global Learning Project, we promote the role that children have as effective global citizens.

Our curriculum provision is enriched through: trips, visitors, workshops, specialist teachers and coaches and theme days/weeks. You can view this through our picture gallery.

We keep parents informed about the content of the curriculum through the school website as well as termly class newsletters and opportunities for parents to ‘Drop In and Join In’ with their children’s learning. Throughout the year, we also offer a range of parent workshops to aid parents’ understanding of the curriculum and ways they can support their children’s learning at home.

Children are continually assessed in all subjects and this is reported to parents through termly reports and parents evenings. The new curriculum has brought about changes to assessment from September 2015 onwards; a new assessment presentation was given to parents in the autumn term. Teachers continue to receive training in the key areas of curriculum change. We will also use a range of external providers to enhance our provision.
As a school we are proud of curriculum provision and continually strive to improve it through monitoring and evaluation.

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Supporting your child at home in the foundation subjects

Our school subject coordinators have put together web pages that support the work being done in Literacy, Maths, Science and Topic.

These pages are designed to give you more information about the content being taught in these subjects; key questions that you might want to explore with your child; links to websites and places of interest you might want to visit in the holidays or at weekends.

Thank you for your continuing support.



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