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Year 3 Summer Learning

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break and are looking forward to the exciting term ahead. We are learning all about designers with our topic question being ‘How are we influenced by designers?’ We will be focusing our learning on Vivienne Westwood, a British fashion designer, who is influenced by punk fashion as well as ensuring her clothes, accessories and shoes are all ethically produced. At the end of Summer 1, we will have our very own fashion show for the school, showing off the punk fashion items we have made. In Summer 2 we will be teaching lots about the Aztecs in our topic ‘Who were the Aztecs?’ This will involve a trip to the British Museum to investigate more fascinating facts and look at some artefacts. This term will also involve our annual Sports Day, which we hope you can attend. Keep an eye on the dates in newsletters and Parent Mail. Keep an eye on the weather particularly as it is getting warmer (we hope!) and make sure your child is appropriately dressed for school. We encourage children to bring in a water bottle and wear a hat whenever they go outside. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us if you have any questions. Thank you again for everything. We value your support enormously and we are looking forward to an exciting final term in Year 3.
Thank you,
Year 3 



How are we influenced by designers?
Can I find out about a fashion designer (Vivienne Westwood)?
How did Vivienne Westwood inspire an eco-friendly approach to fashion?
What materials are suitable to make fashion clothing from?
What is the price of modern fashion?
What is the design process?






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