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Safer Internet Day

We all know that the Internet can help us in many ways. We can find out new things, research our homework and buy lots of different items . . . but we also know that it presents us with lots of dangers through email, chat rooms and social networking.

In Reception, the children wrote a song about keeping safe on the internet. They talked about only using websites chosen by adults. They also discussed how you shouldn’t use the internet without asking.

Surf, surf, surf the net,
There’s so much you can learn,
But only if an adult says
that you can have a turn.

Click, click, click the mouse,
There’s so much you can do,
Keep safe when using the internet,
Get an adult to help you

The children said that if you weren’t happy with something that came up when you were using the computer that you should go and tell an adult immediately. Felix said ‘When I was at the library a film came on that I didn’t like and I went and told the librarian straight away” The children really enjoy using the computer. Their favourite websites were ‘cbeebies’ and ‘milkshake’. Lots of the children use the internet at home with their families and others like to go and use it at the library but they all know that you should only use it when you are with an adult.

Year 1 learned about why it is important not to give personal information out online. They watched a cartoon clip highlighting this. Each child then had to create a character and character name (for example 'Glitzy Princess') that they could be if they were online.


Year 1 Character Year 1 Character 2


Year 2 made some posters using the SMART rule. You can find out more about this rule by following the link to http://www.kidsmart.org.uk/beingsmart/ Click on the images to enlarge them.


Year 2
Year 2
Year 2


Year 3 produced their own Internet Rap and added their own music with the help of Dan and Sharon! Press play and have a listen!


Year 3 Internet Rap


SMART! SMART! Stay SMART online!
Follow these rules and you'll be fine!
S M A R T - stands for safety
As you'll see!

Safe, stay safe, stay safe online
Yo don't stay on there for heaps of time

Don't meet up with an online friend
otherwise your troubles will never end

Accepting emails can be a dangerous thing
a virus could spread like a curled up spring

Yo people aren't always who they say
Meeting them could make it a miserable day

Tell someone if you're feeling unsure
Cos they might be doing something against the law!

Safe, stay safe, stay safe online
This is the rap to beat internet crime

Year 4 created their own powerpoint presentations on making the right choices when on line. Hope you get the right answers! Click on the image below and have a go! Can you reach a million pounds!


Year 4 Presentation


Year 5 have lots of advice for creating your own profiles and staying safe on line


Year 5 - online profile Year 5 - online profile Year 5 - online profile


Year 6 focussed on the issues of cyber bullying. In their podcast, an interview situation is created to explore the problems and anguish that Cyber Bullying causes. Listen carefully!


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