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Earlsfield Primary School


As a school community we operate in an environment that promotes the school values and demonstrates shared respect, trust and understanding. The nature of the children, staff, and parents/carers within Earlsfield School’s community means that our expectations

can be effectively met.



I Care by being considerate, helpful and thoughtful          

I Inspire others by being a positive role model

I Challenge myself by aiming high, overcoming obstacles and never giving up

I Achieve by having self-belief and determination to be successful

I Respect my community by treating everyone equally

I Enjoy learning because I make the most of all the exciting opportunities


All staff at Earlsfield Primary School are involved in delivering the behaviour policy in such a manner that it fosters a positive and consistent approach throughout the school and promotes high quality interaction . Our School Charter sets out the expectations we have for pupils and pupils have for themselves. Not only does it reflect the schools ethos of positive behaviour reinforcement, but is written in line with UNICEF’s Respecting Rights and Responsibilities. The School Charter was designed by the School Council.

In addition to the School Charter, all classes have their own Class Charter. This charter is drawn up by the class and all the adults in the classroom. Each charter sets out the responsibilities for everybody in that classroom in order to protect the rights of those individuals in the class. All class charters are age appropriate so all the children can access and engage with it.

Please note that our Behaviour Policy is currently under review. Behaviour Policy

Rewarding positive interaction

As a school we adopt a positive, proactive approach towards behaviour where expectations are made clear and boundaries are established. We constantly look for ways of reinforcing models of positive behaviour. The policy is structured to emphasise the positive nature of our approach as this forms a major part of our work with the children, however, we also have a set of clearly established boundaries related to our expectations alongside clearly stated sanctions that are shared with parents when their children start school.

Through the House Point System all children are divided into four house groups across the school with elected House Captains from Year 6. These houses are Kensington, Paddington, Piccadilly and Waterloo.

Total house points are displayed clearly in the classrooms and can be awarded by all adults. Each class count and record all their houses points and import them onto the school spreadsheet to be shared in the good week assemblies weekly. At the end of each term, the winning house takes part in a celebratory activity. House points are awarded in line with the School Values and other areas of school life such as lunchtimes and homework.

Celebration of work takes place through Good Work Assembly where children celebrate their work in front of the school. One child is chosen from the whole school as Star of the School. Their work and behaviour etc should be exemplary. In the same assembly weekly Star Student of the Class is revealed as well as Phase Stars . Awards are also made for attendance.

In class during the week, housepoints are awarded for meeting the school values and children are nominated as Star Student of the Day for their class with the certificate emphasising a particular school value.

 During Lunchtime any child who has shown great playground or dining room behaviour during the week is awarded a Caught Being Good ticket.

Managing negative interaction


It is our view that the large majority of children at Earlsfield School display excellent learning behaviours. On occasion, individual children may give cause for concern. We feel it is vital that the children are clear that behaviour that fails to meet our expectations carries specific sanctions. We also expect staff to reflect on their approach when necessary.

It is expected that all staff follow the structured behaviour steps chart which clearly defines how behaviour should be managed.

Please consider our Behaviour Policy for further information.

The Behaviour Policy should also be considered in conjunction with the

Governor's statement on behaviour