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Earlsfield Primary School


Updated October 2023

Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery is taught by Niki Monday to Friday and Dinusha on Wednesday. They are supported by Sue and Souad throughout the Nursery day with additional support over the lunchtime period from Mandy and Khola.

Nursery teachers can be contacted via yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk (This email address is not for nursery admission queries)

As per school policy, the year group emails are always checked before and after session times. Urgent messages during session times should be directed via the main school office to ensure we receive them promptly.


We are very excited to welcome you all to Nursery at Earlsfield. The whole team very much looks forward to this first term as we support our youngest pupils in becoming active learners within a large setting. We look forward to the developing parent partnerships so that we can work together to support the children throughout the year. Whether you are new to Earlsfield Primary or returning to us with a sibling, we hope you will ask questions and be involved in the excitement of watching your child progress in a variety of areas. 

Autumn term focus: 

The beginning of their school journey is learning about who they are and what they can do for themselves. In Nursery, we are all very passionate about ensuring all of the children reach their full potential and use our broad range of experience in early childhood development to ensure that the settling and transition period is one full of fun and exciting opportunities for all. The children will be encouraged to develop independence in caring for their belongings; learning where items and resources can be found and how to look after the equipment they are using. 

While engaging in fun, play based activities the children will be carefully supported to develop positive relationships as we model sharing, turn taking and how to express our feelings. All adults will be busily engaged in quality interactions to support, explain and promote a sense of belonging as they become a cohesive group. 

All of our learning begins with a carefully selected book that promotes the concept, emotion, topic or theme we are teaching. These books will be shared in our school newsletter and also through the children’s Seesaw journals. 

How can you help us:

Without support from our families the Nursery year cannot be a success. Please help with the following;

  • Keep up to date with any school correspondence and make a note of any dates relevant to Nursery. 
  • Ensure that your child only brings in items that we have agreed, including a full water bottle each day.  
  • Keep a check on your child’s clothing to ensure it is named and that you are following the Nursery uniform policy.  

We look forward to working with you all this year.


Kind regards

The Nursery Team


At a glance information

In the Nursery we operate an indoor/ outdoor curriculum which means that children can access the outside space when they choose too. This promotes independence as the children are able to make choices and explore many new experiences each week. 

As the doors are always open please support us by ensuring your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather. This includes both applying long lasting sun cream at home before Nursery on very sunny days and always ensuring they have a jumper and coat in school as the weather can change. We have wellies in the nursery that the children wear in the mud kitchen so they do not need to bring their own. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please use any of the following to find your answer:

Check the Frequently asked questions in the brochure sent with your admission paperwork.
There is a wide range of information available on our school website, please use this resource in the first instance and familiarise yourself with where key info is found.
Email the teachers directly through our year group email address yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk.

Throughout the year the children will have music sessions with our specialist music teachers; Mr Robin Hopcroft on Wednesday and Mr Felix Glen on Friday. Alongside music, the children will be involved in Wellbeing sessions in the form of yoga and meditation. These sessions will encourage the development of focus, attention and control over their bodies. Music and yoga will be taught on a weekly rotation to enable all of our children to engage in these sessions.

We are here to work with you to give your children the best start to their education at Earlsfield. As always, if you have any questions please do get in touch with us directly via, yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk 

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