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Earlsfield Primary School


Policy Statement

 School policies cover every aspect of school life. They address the practical implications of how to achieve the school's vision and are a key means of ensuring that agreed values underpin day-to-day decisions and actions in our school. Our school policies are concerned with key processes within school and are about interactions between school, pupils, parents and community.  Our policies are underpinned by our vision: At Earlsfield, all members of the school community will develop every child to their full potential as ‘Bright Thinkers’ with ‘Bright Futures.’

Our policies concern effective teaching and learning, safety within the school and basic human rights. We promote the values of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We promote global citizenship and sustainable development. We teach and learn about rights, through rights and for rights.

Our policies provide a framework for the functioning of our school based in a shared understanding of the school's strategic plan and vision.

Categories of Policy:

  • Statutory - covering major strategic areas required by law, as stated by the Government's Statutory Policies for Schools document (November 2019)
  • Discretionary - additional policies covering additional areas, not required by law, including policies on specific subject areas of the curriculum.



Behaviour and wellbeing




Other relevant policies