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Earlsfield Primary School


Keeping Children Safe at Earlsfield

The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.

(Ofsted 2017)

Pupils feel very safe and well cared for in school. They say that staff treat them with respect and listen carefully to their worries. One pupil told inspectors: ‘Nothing is too much for our teachers. They do everything they can to help us.

(Ofsted 2017)

At Earlsfield our values underpin everything we do; most importantly we want to keep our children safe.

Staff and Governors believe that our school should be a calm, safe and nurturing environment that gives children the confidence to express themselves.

As a school we have a legal and moral duty to ensure that the children get the highest level of care and are protected from any form of harm. The Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) at Earlsfield Primary School are Steve Trow (Headteacher) and Debbie Stockwell (Learning Mentor)

Our curriculum is varied and designed to ensure that all children are taught how to stay safe. We want our children to make the right choices and be outstanding role models. E-Safety is very important to us. Each year we run workshops for parents on Internet Safety to outline the dangers that our young children face. There is a great deal of guidance available. As a school we have selected the following articles which provide advice for parents. Please note that children at primary school should not have access to Facebook or Instagram and that use of the internet should be closely monitored. The children also have their own rules to follow in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

All staff have received safeguarding training and are clear of the steps they must take if they have any concerns regarding a child in their care. Any concerns will also be shared with parents at the earliest opportunity. The school has a number of policies that are embedded within our work. These include the Child Protection Policy as well as the Health and Safety policy and the E safety policy.

Every year the school undertakes a Safeguarding Audit that is reviewed by the Governing Body.


The Governing Board ensures that:

The school has a child protection policy & procedures in place which:

  • are in accordance with LA guidance and locally agreed inter-agency procedures
  • are given in writing to all school personnel, including volunteers
  • are available to parents on request on the school website.
  • has an anti bullying policy and systems in school to minimise incidents of bullying and intervene effectively when they occur.

The school follows national guidelines

Keeping Children Safe In Education 2022

Working Together To Safeguard Children

Searching, screening and confiscation

The prevent duty


The school operates safe recruitment procedures

  • which ensure that a member of each interview panel is suitable trained in safer recruitment.
  • which ensure that all appropriate checks are carried out on new staff volunteers and parents who will work with children.
  • that provide a clear induction with all staff and that volunteers and Governors are aware of expectations.

The staff are knowledgeable about what constitutes abuse and what issues may be of particular concern

  • staff are fully trained (recent training led by Wandsworth includes FGM and Prevent)
  • lines of communication are clear

Essential Documentation

Links for parents

Wandsworth Family Information Service

Wandsworth Safeguarding Partnership

Wandsworth: Report a concern

NSPCC Home Page

NSPCC Online Safety 

Child Sexual Exploitation

RRS Article 19

You have the right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated in any way.