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Earlsfield Primary School

School Uniform

We try to keep our approach to uniform as simple as possible and ensure that the costs are realistic. Good quality second hand uniform can also be purchased at different points during the school year from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Information regarding uniform is listed below. Children wear their PE kit to school on PE days

All uniform must be ordered from www.stitchdesign.co.uk We hold a small amount of stock for casual admissions. 

Nursery We have a simplistic approach to uniform in Nursery so that the children can be independent as they access the indoor and outdoor environment, and use the toilet. The uniform is:
  • Plain blue, black or grey leggings, jogging bottoms or elasticated trousers
  • Velcro trainers
  • Earrings: simple studs only
  • No necklaces and bracelets
  • All clothing needs to be labelled
  • Red school polo shirts and navy V-necked sweatshirts with school logo are available from the school office for you to purchase if you wish. If not the children should wear practical tops.
  • In the Summer term children can wear red gingham summer dresses, grey school skirts, or blue, black or grey shorts. Velcro sandals with whole foot enclosed are acceptable. Shoulders must always be covered.


  • Reception to Yr6 – Red polo shirt, V necked navy sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (not school hooded to - PE only)
  • Pinafore Dress (Grey) to be worn with red polo shirt
  • Grey skirt (sensible length) or grey trousers
  • Grey or Navy tights – plain
  • Red gingham summer dress
  • Plain white ankle socks to be worn with skirts or dresses to the knee in cold conditions (not above knee)


  • Reception to Yr6 – Red polo shirt, V necked navy sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (not school hooded top - PE only)
  • Grey school trousers
  • Grey Socks
  • In summer, grey shorts of a similar material to trousers


Black conventional shoes below the ankle.

Children should not wear trainers, plimsolls or boots to school except in exceptional circumstances to be agreed with the Headteacher.

PE Kit

  • Red round necked PE T shirt
  • Plain navy shorts
  • Black plimsolls or velcro trainers for Reception and KS1
  • Trainers (KS2) – all below ankle. No form of boot.
  • Outdoor – navy/black jogging bottoms or navy/ black leggings
  • Children can wear school sweatshirt or school hooded top in colder conditions


  • Boys - Swimming trunks or well fitted shorts above the above the knees
  • Girls – Swimming costumes.
  • Swimming cap for beyond shoulder length hair


  • All hair should be tied if beyond shoulder length. Hair should be sensible with no patterns, no mohican style or anything that will draw negative attention to the child.
  • Bands or hair clips – plain navy, black or red, no flowers, bows etc.
  • Earrings – simple studs only – children will be asked to remove any other form or in the case of younger children, parents will be asked.
  • Hijab – red or navy.


There are no set principles regarding coats although they must be practical and waterproof.

Hats, caps and sun glasses

Sun hats or plain baseball caps are suitable to protect the children in warm weather and to to protect them from the sunshine (no Snap Hats)There is no need to wear them to school on other days. Plain hats may be worn in winter. Sun glasses are not needed unless with supporting evidence from a health professional.


Please note
  1. No hooded tops should be worn to school
  2. No nail varnish, make up or temporary tattoos (other than for cultural reasons)
  3. If a child arrives in school without suitable uniform it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the class teacher. If no reason is provided parents will be contacted directly and the child provided with a school sweatshirt for the day.
  4. Where the uniform policy is deliberately ignored parents will be contacted directly as it is they who purchase their children’s school wear and they have been made  aware of the schools expectations.
  5. Where a child turns up for school inappropriately dressed e.g. unsuitable coat in winter or insufficient protection from the sun in summer, they will be supervised in the building.